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Hi there, a big thank you for visiting Rock & Roost!

At Rock & Roost we are ridiculously passionate about bringing you, me; everybody, a new and affordable way to buy beautiful furniture, fabrics and antiques. Working with skilled artisans and sourcing our products directly, we cut out the middlemen, bypass high street overheads and pass on these savings to our customers.


Many crowdfunding campaigns include a reward program. This reward program provides potential investors maybe
that's you with added incentives or product-based perks, depending on how much money is contributed.
Essentially.. investment mean prizes ☺ Here are our rewards for this campaign.

Investment Amount Reward Potential Return in 5 Years (X 40)
10 10% Off next or first Order 400
100 10% Off next 3 Orders 10,000
500 20% Off next 3 Orders 20,000
1000 Up to 60% off per Crowdcube Reward details 40,000
5000 See Crowdcube / Rock & Roost Pitch 200,000
10000 See Crowdcube / Rock & Roost Pitch 400,000
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Excellence in manufacturing in India is not restricted to Furniture Fabrics and Carpets as the following NEWS article demonstrates

As Royal Enfield boss Siddhartha Lal sat astride his company's new motorcycle and posed for photographs at the EICMA Milan motorcycle show earlier this month, ...

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Changing tastes in the Indian furniture market; IKEA plan to open their first store in Hyderabad, India

IKEA, the Swedish furnishing retailer, on Wednesday opened its first experiential centre Ikea Hej (Hello) Home close to the IT hub of Hyderabad and their upcoming first store in the country...

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Hardwood furniture requires wood of course but to make its use sustainable,..

we must help plant more tress. Rock and Roost will support the growing of more trees in Rajasthan and we plan to invest in twenty trees for every 1000 we spend in Rajasthan factories and encourage the factories to do the same!.....

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Come, be part of us!

Rock and Roost Ltd is currently raising investment using Crowdfunding. You can learn more about us on the following link www.crowdcube.com/rockandroost You can invest for as little as #10 and more should you choose but please be mindful of the risks and read up on this aspect on the Crowdcube website. (We are aiming to raise #275,000 for 13.1% of the business)

Take care, # Investaware

note : Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.

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